We are constantly looking for new members. Formal musical training is not required, since we train all new members, but it can be an important asset. As you will read below, everything is designed to facilitate the integration of those motivated to join our ranks!

If you are interested, write to Léo at with a few details about yourself (musical experience, interests, etc.), and he will guide you through the next steps!

– How does one go about joining the group?

After you have expressed interest, the first step is to choose the instrument you wish to play (you are invited to sit in on rehearsals or performances to help you choose).

Our structure permits newcomers to choose between 4 instrument groups: the tamborims (small hand-held drums played with one stick), the surdos (large drums), the agogos (double bells) and the caixas (snare drums). The surdos are generally left to those with a strong enough build to carry them, and the caixas are reserved for those who already have good snare drum technique. Other instruments are available but are specified as secondary instruments.

– After choosing an instrument… Practice ensues! 

To practice, we have developed a pedagogic program for your instrument, recordings of the musical content available online and private coaching sessions.

Once you have become familiar with the basic rhythms, we ask that you follow the tutorials offered by the section heads. The first 3 coaching sessions are free, since we expect this will be enough to integrate into the group if one practices individually as well! That said, other options are offered to those who would like more practice. Next you will consolidate the material learned privately into the group’s rehearsals. Ultimately, our artistic director, Léo, will determine when you are ready to participate in a performance.

- And if I don’t have an instrument?

That is understandable! Initially, the group can loan you the instrument. Of course, you are encouraged to become equipped soon after joining (those who play surdo and caixa do not need to purchase their own instruments, only their straps and sticks). This helps with logistics and autonomy. The total equipment needed depends on each instrument group, but always costs less than $100 (group t-shirt included).

– For who and why do we play? 

We play to support and provide visibility to causes that we care about. A comprehensive list of our performances is available in the section Prestations.

– How do you manage the availabilities of so many members?

We are very numerous, but we are also interdependent. Not everyone is required to participate in every performance (we poll members’ availabilities before performances), but it is necessary to respect commitments once they are made. That said, our rehearsal schedule is very reasonable: one rehearsal every week for newcomers and one rehearsal every two weeks on Sunday afternoons for seasoned members.

– One must be ready to commit! 

Our process mandates that we treat our musicians as professionals. Therefore, we do not ask for annual fees or registration fees, only that you equip yourself with the necessary instruments. Financial compensations are even offered to musicians when the group is paid a fee for a performance.