Movimento was created in March 2012 in the wake of the spring awakening that would breathe new life into the streets of Montreal for a few months.

        Under the leadership of Léo Guiollot, then student percussionist, students at the Université de Montréal’s music faculty got together to add more colour to the protests with the deafening rhythm of Brazilian percussions.

        Through their musical presence, Movimento band members injected new energy into the protests, a positive energy reverberating for peaceThey provided activism with a one-of-kind festive tone thanks to rhythm and dance.

        In keeping with its foundational values, Movimento expanded its mission to produce dozens of events in collaboration with Amnesty International, RÉZO, the Relay for Life, the Nuit des sans-abri and multiple Climate Marches.


        The band can count on close to 30 active musicians. As a non-profit, the ensemble strives to adopt the best governance practices to take into account the concerns of band members and to ensure they are being represented.


        Musically, Movimento draws its inspiration from the best Brazilian baterias and trains its members to always give it their all when transporting audience with their art!

The band is made up of six sections:







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